令和もこべえ Reiwa Mokobee


Germany's prediction 🐱

 Back in 1915, a submerged German U-boat had been responsible for sinking the ocean liner Lusitania, drowning 1198 passengers, including 128 US civilians. The loss of the Lusitania would have drawn America into the war, were it not for Germany's reassurances that henceforth U-boats would surface before attacking, a restriction that was intended to avoid accidental attacks on civilian ships

 However, on 9 January 1917, Zimmermann attended a momentous meeting at the German castle of Pless, where the Supreme High Command was trying to persuade the Kaiser that it was time to renege on their promise, and embark on a course of unrestricted submarine warfare. 

 German commanders knew that thier U-boats were almost vulnerable if they launched their torpedoes while remaining submerged, and they believed that this would prove to be the decisive factor in determining the outcome of the war. Germany had been constructing a fleet of two hundred U-boats, and the Supreme High Command argued that unrestricted U-boat aggression would cut off Britain's supply lines and starve it into submission within six months. 





The USA's attempt🐱💦

 Despite calls from politicians in Britain and America, President Woodrow Wilson had spent the first two years of the war steadfastly refusing to send American troops to support the Allies. Besides not wanting to sacrifice his nation's youth on the bloody battlefields of Europe, he was convinced that the war could be ended only by a negotiated settlement, and he believed that he could best serve the world if he remained neutral and acted as a mediator. 

 In November 1916, Wilson saw a hope for a settlement when Germany appointed a new Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmermann, a jovial giant of a man who appeared to herald a new era of enlightned German diplomacy. American newspapers ran headlines such as OUR FRIEND ZIMMERMANN and LIBERALIZATION OF GERMANY, and one article proclaimed him as 'one of the most auspicious omens for the future of German-American relations.' However, unknown to the Americans, Zimmermann had no intention of pursuing peace. Instead, he was plotting to extend Germany's military aggression. 





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Allied Cryptanalysis 🐱

 The British and the Americans also made important contributions to Allied cryptanalysis. The supremacy of the Allied codebreakers and their influence on the Great War are best illustrated by the decipherment of a German telegram that was intercepted by the British on 17 January 1917. 

 The story of this decipherment shows how cryptanalysis can affect the course of war at the very highest level, and demonstrates the potentially devastating repercussions of emplying inadequate encryption. Within a matter of weeks, the deciphered telegram would force America to rethink its policy of neutrality, thereby shifting the balance of the war. 





Comparison of the attitude 🐱

 The vigilance of the French was in sharp contrast to the attitude of the Germans, who entered the war with no military cryptanalytic bereau. Not until 1916 did they set up the Abhorchdienst, an organization devoted to intercepting Allied messages. Part of the reason for their tardiness in establishing the Abhorchdienst was that the German army had advanced into French territory in the early phase of the war. The French, as they retreated, destroyed the landlines, forcing the advancing Germans to rely on radios for communication. While this gave the French a continuous supply of German intercepts, the opposite was not true. As the French were retreating back into their own territory, they still had access to their own landlines, and had no need to communicate by radio. With a lack of French radio communication, the Germans could not make many interceptions, and hence they did not bother to develop their cryptanalytic department until two years into the war. 






A Code-Breaking Dutch in Paris🐱

 Auguste Kerckhoffs wrote his treatise 'La Cryptographie militaire'. Although Kerckhoffs was Dutch, he spent most of his life in France, and his writings provided the French with an exceptional guide to the principles of cryptanalysis. By the time the First World War had begun, three decades later, the Franch military had implemented Kerckhoffs' ideas on an industrial scale. While lone geniuses like Painvin sought to break new ciphers, teams of experts, each with specially developed skills for tackling a particular cipher, concentrated on the day-to-day decipherments. Time was of the essence, and conveyor-belt cryptanalysis could provide intelligence quickly and efficiently. 





(English) 随筆:現行憲法及び財政法廃止の必要性について🐱

 I wrote down the script of the presentation above. It includes a topic of Politics. I know that mentioning Politics in a school is not desirable. Therefore when I work for a school, I have no intention to say something political. Just doing a routine job of math, English, and Informatics will help me to do what I am expected to do.  However, I thought that Japan and the Japanese people should deal with the present constitution and fiscal law sooner or later. Because these are the main factors having Japan and the Japanese weaker.

 In the textbook, the example of the presentation was shown. In the example, one female university student was planning to get married around 25. However, the government and the big companies have treated so-called the ice age generation badly, Japan has a problem with the unbalanced pyramid of the population now. This tends to prevent young people from getting married, so the Japanese should use politics to overcome this problem.

 Some people say that people are responsible for their deeds in the past and present, but I do not think so. The problem regarding the unbalanced pyramid of the population was produced by bad management of the government and companies. If I make Japan a good place again to live in, it is the happiest thing for me. 





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(English) 演説:現行憲法と財政法撤廃の必要性🐱


 This movie explained four big problems Amazon had at that time. Slow international growth particularly in China, new challengers in the United States, the lack of a desirable mobile phone in its portfolio, and the strong chance that brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart finally develop cohesive and successful e-commerce strategies.

 I thought this movie should be checked out by all the business people in the world. As Amazon is a component of the GAFAM, most people on the planet know the name. Not only Amazon but also the GAFAM and other global companies do not stop changing themselves. We should learn their stance to rethink our idea and strategy.

 It is very hard to make and develop a company like Amazon, but we can learn how they were made and changing. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. He quit his job at an investment bank in 1994 and moved to Seattle, Washington, to open a virtual bookstore. Working out of his garage with a handful of employees, Bezos began developing the software for the site, which he called Amazon.com. It sold its first book in 1995.

Amazon's focus on optimizing the last mile experience played a big role in the company outperforming its e-commerce competitors. The ability to consistently provide fast and reliable deliveries helped Amazon grow a massive base of loyal customers.